Retail Brand - Strategy


When it comes to the development and commercial implementation of concepts, we are consistent, clear and congruous in our approach, always with the right dose of internationalism.


Our holistic strategy combines the five success factors of a brand at the Point-of-Sale: product, architecture, communication, staff and operations. A customized mix, which creates a strong identity.

  • Product: design, sourcing, product management, visual merchandising
  • Store: location, architecture, rental contract
  • Image: corporate design, communication, imagery
  • Staff: company culture, service, management and development
  • Operations: IT system, controlling, logistics

We know how to turn brands into lovemarks. One of the secrets: each one of the five success factors can be perfectly conceived, but they only work effectively as a combined unit. Another secret: perfection constantly refined.


“Retail is an ongoing dialogue with the end consumer.”
Edgar Rosenberger